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This article focuses on natural remedies for acid reflux.

As it was said in a previous article, acid reflux is a symptom. It is wrongfully associated with excessive amounts of acid in the stomach. Therefore, many people are prescribed acid-blocking drugs.

Antihypertensive drugs, antidepressants, antibiotics and even over-the-counter medications can trigger acid reflux. In this case, acid reflux is a side effect resulting from the use of these drugs.

If you think that your acid reflux is induced by prescribed drugs, WebMD provides helpful tips. Read on to learn more about acid reflux natural remedies.

Try these eight natural tips to ease your acid reflux symptoms.

Eight natural remedies for acid reflux

1. Chew your food more

The more you chew your food, the less work your stomach has to do.

And the less acid it will produce. Therefore, if you chew your food more, especially for acid forming meats like beef and pork, the less likely you'll develop acid reflux symptoms after a meal.

2. Don't lie down or bend over after a meal

The esophageal sphincter is the valve between your esophagus and your stomach. This valve normally prevents stomach acid from entering the esophagus and throat. Lying down or bending over puts more pressure on the esophageal sphincter.Man lying down after a meal - natural remedies for acid reflux disease

If your esophageal sphincter is already weak, the added pressure from lying down or bending over can easily force the esophageal sphincter to open. You will then experience acid reflux.

Also, if you have eaten a big meal, the added pressure from lying down or bending over may be the tipping point to producing acid reflux symptoms.

3. Stop using tobacco

Tobacco products, in any form, are a poison to the system. Tobacco is known to weaken the esophageal sphincter. In doing so, it causes or worsen an acid reflux condition.

Keep in mind that e-cigarette and vaping can cause this problem. Just as easily as traditional cigarette or cigar smoking do. Throw these items out. Save your money for a wonderful vacation as a reward!

4. Eat less at each meal

If you stuff yourself, this puts extra pressure on your esophageal sphincter. This additional pressure will exacerbate your acid reflux problems. Therefore, a good way to prevent your acid reflux is to simply eat less at each meal.stop overeating - natural remedies for acid reflux disease

An easy way to do this is to stop when you are about three-quarters full and then wait fifteen minutes. This will allow the food you have already eaten time to work its way through your digestive tract and you'll feel full.

On the other hand, if you eat until you are full, you'll usually feel stuffed fifteen minutes later!

5. Use apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is a weak acid. It may seem counterintuitive to you at first, but apple cider vinegar is very alkalizing to the body. This has the effect of regulating the acid balance in your stomach. It will help you digest your food more easily.

Apple cider vinegar is one of the most practical and natural remedies for acid reflux. Take one or two tablespoons of unfiltered apple cider vinegar mixed in a one-half glass of water.

Bragg is a trusted brand for apple cider vinegar.

Avoid having the apple cider vinegar erode the enamel from your teeth. Either sip the solution through a straw or rinse your mouth out with plain water after you drink the solution.

6. Raise the head of your bed by three to four inches

adjustable bed - natural remedies for acid reflux diseaseIf you get acid reflux symptoms when you lie down or recline, try raising the head of your bed a few inches. That helps gravity works in your favor, not against you!

This simple trick works well in combination with other natural remedies for acid reflux.

7. Temporarily cut out all gluten and then test by adding it back in

Human beings were not designed to eat the gluten molecule contained in wheat and other grains. Some people tolerate gluten better than others. For those who have gluten sensitivity, it can cause horrible acid reflux.

Keep in mind that there is a difference between full blown gluten intolerance and gluten sensitivity. If you are gluten intolerant, the symptoms you experience immediately after eating gluten are severe. You know it immediately.

However, if you are simply gluten sensitive, your symptoms may be mild enough, you don't realize you are sensitive. However, this gluten sensitivity could be causing acid reflux!

The only way to tell if gluten is causing your acid reflux is to cut out all gluten for two to three months. Once the gluten is completely out of your system, you can then slowly add it back into your diet without changing anything else in your diet.

If you develop acid reflux symptoms, you'll know it is caused by the gluten. You can then eliminate it from your diet.

8. Temporarily cut out all sugar to reset your sweet tooth

Every year, food manufacturers add an increasing quantity of sugar into their foods. This has made us a nation of sugar addicts. In fact, we have largely lost the ability to taste the natural sweetness in foods.

This keeps us adding an increasing amount of sugar to our own homemade recipes! Unfortunately, sugar causes acid reflux. Especially if you consume it in great quantities.kick your sugar addiction - natural remedies for acid reflux

To reduce your taste for sugar, you will need to reset your sweet tooth.

The only way to do this is cut ALL SUGAR for more than a month. If you simply cut back on sugar, you will crave it so bad, even at a subconscious level, you will eventually cave and eat something with high amounts of sugar.

Thus, to truly reset your sweet tooth, you have to cut all of it for at least a month. This will reset your sweet tooth back to what it should be naturally. It allows you to eat far less sugar overall. You can then enjoy the natural sweetness in foods again. You don't have the urge to add sugar.

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